Choose the Journey your Soul is ready for Below.

Unleash Your Power

Root Chakra Initiation

 Stop Giving Away Your Power

Start Putting Yourself First

Achieve Glorious Victory


Become The Party

Sacral Chakra Initiation

Heal Your Emotions

Build an Amazing Social Life

Go After What You Really Want


AltAr Your Ego

Solar Plexus Chakra Initiation

Reinvent Yourself

Get Your Life Organized

Achieve Your Biggest Goals


Experience Love

Heart Chakra Initiation

Heal and Deepen your Relationships

Fully Love Yourself and Others

Awaken Lasting Happiness


Own Your Voice

Throat Chakra Initiation

Reconnect to Your Truth

Awaken Your Creative Expression

Influence the World for Good


Open Your Mind

Third Eye Chakra Initiation

Discover the Secrets of Accurate Perception

Genius Level Thinking

and Intuitive Powers


Embrace Your Soul’s Calling

Crown Chakra Initiation

Align with Your Greatest Destiny

Channel the Guidance You Need

Learn Divination and Vision Questing