Your Energy Body Creates Your Life.

Which of your Chakras need healing?

The chakras are the keys to creating your reality.

After studying the wisdom of the world, it’s crystal clear to me and over 100,000 of our students…

The Chakras are the most important body of knowledge you can master on your path of healing and empowerment.

I created Chakra School because of how much this wisdom helped me… And now I want to make your journey to your best life as fast – and as fun as possible.

Cuz ain’t nobody got time for this awakening shit unless it’s fun.


When you master Your Chakras, you Win At Life.

As you learn to master your energy body, your life becomes filled with bliss, success, and the deepest level of peace. I know this because it’s been my direct experience….and thousands of others.

10 years ago I set out on a journey…

About to graduate and start a typical career business, my crown chakra awakening led me on a surprise journey to a mountain to meet my spiritual family, study a rare system of energy healing and begin my true ‘life’s purpose.

Learn James Seriph’s Story…


Why Chakra School?

The Deepest Personal Transformation – Inside Your Busy Life

Chakra School initiations take 22 minutes per day of combined practice and learning time – and they are available anytime from your smartphone or desktop.

1000’s of Life-Changing Results

We have a 4.6/5 Star Average Review on Courses, because these are the most effective powerful ways to actually transform the area of your life you want.

A Community Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe – Together

Come join thousands of us learning and sharing our journey of awakening and empowerment.

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